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77% of online health seekers began their last session at a search engine #webcare2014 #hcmktg

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Hospitals whose websites are lacking in substantial content, helpful resources, and general functionality will suffer from a decrease in traffic and authority.

With over 70% of Internet users using online resources to discover health information, now is the time to invest in creating a website that delivers on the patient needs end-to-end.

Taking advantage of the right digital tools, including your website, will allow your healthcare organization to more easily deliver greater results to patient outcomes while lowering hands-on interactions.

Update the way your hospital approaches marketing by downloading the free report "Aligning Patient Needs with Online Capabilities."

Employ the power of digital to truly support patient care.


52% of smart-phone owners have used their phone to look up health information  #webcare2014 #hcmktg

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Learn how some of America's top hospitals fall short in delivering on patients' online expectations and how it affects your hospital's ROI. Download the full report - "Aligning Patient Needs with Online Capabilities" - today.

Hospital Marketing: A Patient-Centric Approach to using Cost-Effective and Scalable Digital Advertising Solutions

 Gain insights on the state of healthcare and search including how patients use search to improve their health outcomes.

49% of the nation's top hospitals lack a mobile-friendly website #webcare2014 #hcmktg

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Is Your Hospital Website Patient-Centric?

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What we found...

49% of the top hospitals lack a mobile-friendly website

Only 1 out of 5 offers online pre-registration for appointments

67% fail to offer online rehab and aftercare information

Read the full report to evaluate what is preventing your own hospital's marketing efforts from achieving a greater return on investment from your website.

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